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Play Your Part TV series
  • Natalie Du Toit: 'It is important to swim your own race'

    Gold medal-winning swimmer Natalie Du Toit is one of South Africa's best-loved athletes. Undeterred by an injury that many thought would take her out of the pool, she has gone on to compete in the world's most prestigious sporting events, and made sporting history by always beating her best.

  • Remembering Mandela: living the legacy

    International Nelson Mandela Day is in danger of becoming a day for "do-gooding". It is much more than this, however; it is a day on which people are encouraged to start changing the world. With this in mind, the UN is asking people everywhere to speak out about their priorities through its survey, My World.

  • Multimedia: South Africa, the United Nations and apartheid

    It is now 20 years since South Africa, on 23 June 1994, resumed its place in the United Nations after the end of apartheid. With video and unique archival photographs, we look at the UN's role in fighting apartheid over almost seven decades.

  • Januaries keep Mandela spirit alive in France

    Although rugby hero Ricky Januarie and his family live in Europe, they keep Madiba close to their hearts. They teach their children about the great man, and ensure his legacy lives on in Lyon through following his example of working for the greater good.

  • Music made for Mandela

    Nelson Mandela inspired many people through his thoughts, words and deeds, not least among them a variety of musicians, from pop singers to opera composers. Songs calling for his freedom reverberated around the world in the 1980s; others celebrating his release inspire audiences still.

  • It is up to every one of us to sell South Africa

    It is not enough to show the world pretty pictures of our flora and fauna; the nation needs every one of us to be an ambassador for Brand South Africa, writes Wendy Tlou, the organisation's marketing and communications director.

  • National Development Plan: Utopian dream, practical blueprint

    To achieve its goals of economic growth and reduced poverty and inequality, South Africa's National Development Plan needs broad buy-in from across society. Only in Utopia could a plan of this scope achieve instant, unqualified assent from all quarters, writes Simon Barber.

  • SA couple row across the world

    One man, one woman, one rowing boat, and a vast ocean – South African adventurer Riaan Manser and his fiancée, Vasti Geldenhuys, are the first people to row from mainland Africa to mainland United States on their TakeMe2NY voyage. It was a gruelling four-and-a-half months, but as they say, "You gotta wanna".

  • SKA: answering the big questions about the universe

    Is the universe expanding? What is dark energy? What's the deal with gravity? And the biggest question of all; are we alone? The Square Kilometre Array, which will aim to answer these questions and more, is slowly taking shape in a remote corner of South Africa's starry-skied Karoo.

  • Freedom Challenge tests athletes' limits

    While most people are tucked up warmly indoors during winter, a group of dedicated extreme athletes is out riding the Freedom Challenge. The mountain bike race takes riders more than 2 000 kilometres across some of South Africa's harshest but most beautiful scenery.

  • World Bank investment in Africa at record levels

    The World Bank Group has announced it spent a whopping US15.3-billion on development projects in sub-Saharan Africa during the financial year from July 2013 to June 2014 – a new record – most of it in zero-interest credits and grants from the International Development Association, the bank's fund for the poorest countries.