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Arrive Alive
  • Pistorius, Dewani cases validate South Africa's robust justice system

    After unrelenting global media coverage of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, the spotlight will again be on South Africa, its Constitution and the strength of its legal system when Shrien Dewani is extradited from the UK to answer to the court about the murder of his bride, Anni Hindocha.

  • Sod is turned at Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital

    It has been a long time in the making, with much fund-raising undertaken and more still to go, but the ground has finally been broken to build the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital. It is Madiba's last and fondest wish, and will be a living testament to his legacy.

  • It is not easy to own a gun in South Africa

    At the heart of the Firearms Control Act is the protection of the constitutional right to life and bodily integrity. This means that getting a licence to own a gun is an arduous undertaking; it is not given lightly. But it's a process gun enthusiasts like Oscar Pistorius are willing to go through, more than once.

  • Feature film shows arresting beauty of Lesotho

    A slew of international awards has been bagged by The Forgotten Kingdom, a story of a young man's return to his roots inspired by and filmed in the mystical magic of Lesotho. The cinematography matches the breath-taking scenery, earning its cinematographer the Haskell Wexler Award in New York.

  • Cape Town gets a literary nod

    The list of finalists for the Man Booker International Prize will be announced in the Mother City next March, in another feather in the cap for the city on the mountain. It will be the first time the list is announced in Africa.

  • Soweto: from struggle to suburbia

    Twenty years of freedom have transformed Soweto, once a sprawling dormitory dumping ground for Johannesburg's black workers, into a green and attractive city of its own, with housing, parks, shopping malls, efficient public transport and a vibrant tourist trade.

  • South African women on Forbes Africa tech list

    Two South Africans, both based in Cape Town, have been added to the Forbes women to watch technology list. Their startups are using technology to improve the lives of others, from education to innovative business solutions.

  • Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust has changed lives

    The 2010 football World Cup in South Africa may be a distant memory, but its legacy lives on through the Fifa World Cup Legacy Trust. In the first allocation of funds, 14 organisations got some financial assistance. This has had a huge impact on the lives of some of the country's poorest children.

  • Rwanda finds a path out of history of horror

    Instead of taking the route of vengeance and punishment, Rwanda has chosen admission, reconciliation and forgiveness. This way, it has missed a "justice of ashes". But to build a stable and prosperous country has required draconian legislation and curtailed personal freedom.