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  • Wieciech gives voice to the voiceless

     Jacques Wieciech is no stereotype. He looks like a tough as leather rugby player, but he sings like a bird. He is a body builder, athlete and personal trainer, but he spends his time singing opera and helping children to overcome bullying.


  • Newspapers report Nelson Mandela's release, 25 years ago

    Twenty-five years ago today, on 11 February 1990, Nelson Mandela walked free from 27 years in apartheid prison - an event unthinkable to most South Africans and the world only a few weeks before. The event prompted large-type headlines on the front pages of all the country's newspapers for many days. We take a look back at how Mandela's release was reported a quarter of a century ago.

  • Eighteen years of the world's best Constitution

    It's the "most admirable Constitution in the history of the world", according to Harvard law scholar Cass Sunstein. US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg describes it as "a great piece of work". It's the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which became the highest law of the land on 10 December 1996.

  • Green and gold rivals from Down Under

    The fiercest rivalry whenever South Africa is on a sports field always comes from Australia. Both teams wear green and gold, and both teams are always out to beat each other. With Australia being the co-hosts for the upcoming Cricket World Cup, we look back at the history of this bloodthirsty rivalry in various sports.

  • Youth vlog the South African story

    As download speeds in South Africa increase, and as technology becomes more widely available, more and more people – youngsters in particular – are turning to vlogging as a way of expressing their opinions and commenting on their world. You can watch anything from makeup tips to cat videos.

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  • Watch: South Africa's 2015 Budget

    On Wednesday 25 February Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene delivered his first national Budget, one of the most critical and challenging of South Africa's democratic history. Watch the full address here.

  • Infographic: The State of the Nation, in numbers

    With the theme "Together We Move South Africa Forward", the 2015 State of the Nation Address will be an opportunity to celebrate progress South Africa has made over the past year, and an opportunity to highlight priorities for the next. Let's look at the numbers that make up the event.

  • Watch: The Life Project - South Africa in 11 minutes

    American exchange student Brendan Coli spent four months in South Africa in 2014, during which he filmed video every day. He has compressed his footage into a remarkable 11-minute 30-second video that reveals the remarkable character of the country, through an outsider's eyes.

  • Shuttleworth's Ubuntu smartphone is a leap ahead

    Nearly 30 000 people contributed to the crowdfunding drive to develop the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone running the Ubuntu Unity OS. It showed people were hungry for something new. That phone is still in development phase, but until it comes to market, say hallo to the Ubuntu phone.