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Senzo Meyiwa and Mbulaeni Mulaudzi tribute from Brand South Africa
  • Friendly South Africa remains a draw for expat families

    When it comes to quality of life and raising a family, expats rate South Africa right at the top, second only to New Zealand. They believe their children are safer and healthier, it is easier to learn the local language, and South Africa's friendliness and cultural diversity eases integration and makes for a great social life.

  • Madiba's Robben Island prints fetch R240 000

    A set of five limited-edition lithographs of Robben Island prison scenes painted from memory by Nelson Mandela over 13 years ago have fetched £13 500 – over R240 000 – at Bellmans Auctioneers in England.

  • Documentaries celebrate the making of South Africa's rainbow nation

    "The history of our country is characterised by too much forgetting," Nelson Mandela once lamented. The new Rainbow Makers series of documentaries aims to both help us remember the extraordinary stories, often untold, that shaped our road to democracy – and celebrate our 20 years of freedom.

  • The battle against Big Pharma for cheap drugs

    Drug makers are fighting attempts to change the patent laws in South Africa that would allow cheaper generics on to the market – life-saving medication to treat life-threatening diseases. There is precedent for the country, however, in a ruling by the Indian Supreme Court over the patent for cancer drug Gleevec.

  • Joburg: A city of stories

    Storytelling is the new rock n roll, says Rian Malan. Known for his own expert storytelling, his latest project, with Ann Toerien, is bringing out the stories of Johannesburg. Invited artists will tell their tales of the city of gold in The Unbelievable Truth, four themed evenings about life in Jozi.

  • Journalists turn to data to make sense of the world

    It is a brave new media world, and data is increasingly assuming the throne when it comes to interpreting the world and telling its stories to the public. But South African publishers, squeezed by financial pressures, have taken a backseat compared to other African countries. The tried and tested is easier, says Siyabonga Africa.

  • Infographic: South Africa and Angola

    Brand South Africa's dialogue on "Active Citizenship in Building Competitive African Nation Brands" is focusing on South African-Angolan relations in particular, prompting a look at how the two countries fare in some of the more important economic indicators.
  • Young Africans focus on saving

    Investment, education and savings beat flashy consumer goods on the list of priorities for Africans, the Barclays Africa Prosper Report finds. Africa's young and emerging middle-class is on the path to prosperity, and they are focusing on what will help them to progress rather than on what will make the neighbours notice.
  • Watch: A drone's-eye view of Cape Town

    On a recent holiday in Cape Town, Eric Chen, a director at Chinese aerial photography company DJI, flew his drone "quadcopter" off the top of Lion's Head for a stunning airborne GoPro-filmed tour of Table Mountain, the city bowl, rocky shores and smooth beaches, seals playing in the surf and great white shark cage-diving.

  • Rural doctors are a prescription for good health

    Rural health care workers in South Africa are a hardy, dedicated lot. They travel great distances and often have to make do with what they have at hand. But it also gives them a close bond with their patients and an insight into treating the whole person. These challenges make them better doctors, says Rural Doctor of the Year Jenny Nash.

  • Africa's economic rise is real – EY report

    Despite clear evidence of sustained progress, many remain sceptical about Africa. A new report by Ernst and Young highlights the continent's tremendous economic progress over the past two decades with the message: Africa's rise is real.