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Nelson Mandela - a photographiv tribute
  • Kruse finds ubuntu on cross-country walk

    For three and a half years, Sonja Kruse was absent from her life: first she was physically absent while she walked around the country, and then she was emotionally absent as she collated her experiences in a book. But the result is a journey of discovery about what it means to be a South African.

  • Mandela Day has improved South Africa's generosity

    South Africans are becoming more charitable – the country is bounding up the rankings in the World Giving Index – and privileged citizens are increasing efforts to spread the wealth. Changes to tax legislation will also make it easier for philanthropists to donate money and charities to be sustainable.

  • Documentaries celebrate the making of South Africa's rainbow nation

    "The history of our country is characterised by too much forgetting," Nelson Mandela once lamented. The new Rainbow Makers series of documentaries aims to both help us remember the extraordinary stories, often untold, that shaped our road to democracy – and celebrate our 20 years of freedom.

  • South Africa’s living democracy

    "It is not too late for South Africans to become active citizens in a way that really matters – by actively shaping our democracy," writes Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa, head of the Methodist Church. "We will all be stronger for it and our institutions will benefit immeasurably."

  • Joburg: A city of stories

    Storytelling is the new rock n roll, says Rian Malan. Known for his own expert storytelling, his latest project, with Ann Toerien, is bringing out the stories of Johannesburg. Invited artists will tell their tales of the city of gold in The Unbelievable Truth, four themed evenings about life in Jozi.

  • Social media means more than just business in Africa

    Social media is bringing health-, nutrition-, education-, and politics-related information to Africans’ smartphones at a phenomenal rate. Now, social media giant Facebook is investing in its 100 million-strong African fanbase to build new business.

  • Research reveals Kenyan, Nigerian views of South Africa

    Perceptions of South Africa and its people can hinder or advance the country's business progress in the rest of Africa. This was one of the insights gained from Brand South Africa fieldwork and other research in Kenya and Nigeria.

  • Africa's home-brewed beer high on Heineken's list

    Dutch beer company Heineken is eyeing Africa's beer drinkers, and aims to grow its profile by meeting the continent's taste for home brews. Its brewery in Ethiopia produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and is preparing to launch its Harar Beer label internationally.

  • Khi Solar One: renewable energy for the ages

    It looks like something from a sci-fi film, with its massive tower and thousands of wall-like solar mirrors set in an arid and deserted landscape. But Khi Solar One, Africa's first concentrated solar power project, is a very real example of the future of renewable energy.